The Blacklist Season 3 – Red is back, finally

The Blacklist
Photo from the episode “The Troll Farmer”

Finally, The Blacklist is back, after a long summer break. And, after watching the premiere episode, titled The Troll Farmer, I can say that it’s worth the wait. It will be even more intense and thrilling, now that Liz and Red are on the run, and become the target of not only the Cabal, but also the US government.

The Blacklist
Photo from the episode “The Troll Farmer”

Liz has grown so much compared to the first time she appeared in season 1. The innocent girl who was thrown into action following the arrest of the most wanted serial criminal Raymond Reddington has been morphed by the events into a fugitive, an alleged Russian spy who was blamed for the death of a whole team of US agents and the murder of a newly appointed Attorney General, and now has to run for her life so that she can live to clear her name. In the process to achieve that, she has no choice but to rely on Reddington, the same guy she detested not so long ago, since she has no other choice, she knows better than everyone else that she has no chance on her own, and Red is the best hope she has. As for Red, he will have to put into use all his experience, his skills, his connections and his resources in order to save Liz’s life and clear her name, and that may even lead to the elimination of the whole Cabal, the shadow organization that has been controlling all events in the dark.

Photo from the episode "The Troll Farmer"

What makes this season particularly interesting is that there are a lot of things to look forward to. There are a lot of questions to wait for answers. What is Liz’s past, and what does that have to do with Red? Where did Dembe come from and what will happen to him? What will be Tom’s role in this whole story? Why does Red risk everything to help Liz again and again? With all those questions, and a smart plot that gives out some details to whet appetite, but keeps the trump cards close to its chest, it’s easy to understand that heat of the series well into the 3rd season.

The Blacklist
Photo from the episode “The Troll Farmer”

Last but not least, Liz really looks like a Russian girl, with curly blonde hair and piercing blue eyes. Her new look may takes some time getting used to, given that we have all grown familiar with and fond of her brown hair and sweet look, but it’s not bad at all and she is actually quite refreshing in that.

The Blacklist
Photo from the episode “The Troll Farmer”



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