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The Blacklist Season 3 – The Director

The Blacklist
Photo from the episode “The Director, Conclusion”

Similar to the previous seasons, the highlight of the season is always the double episode blacklister, one who is powerful enough to command double screen time that the normal criminal. This time, it’s none other than the Director, the man who was responsible to push things into motion and lead to all the events in Season 3. Of course, he is not a pawn who can be taken lightly. After all, he is both the Cabal’s Director and the Director of CIA’s Clandestine Service, and CIA has eyes and ears everywhere.

The Blacklist
Photo from the episode “The Director, Conclusion”

Unfortunate for him, his opponent was not a nobody, and worse still he had a drive, a purpose and an ambition: To clear Liz’s name. In order to do that, he has pulled in all the resources that he could muster, think of an almost impossible plan, and somehow arranged things perfectly to make it become possible. He has used all the trump cards that he could get, and even involved a foreign government in an effort to make the Cabal give way. It’s really a long short, like what his advisor Marvin Gerard had told him some episodes before, but it worked, and in the end, it was a relief to watch Keen walk free.

The Blacklist
Photo from the episode “The Director, Conclusion”

I must say that both episodes are awesome. The first one set the stage for the grand finale, and was a close cat and mouse race on multiple fronts: Harold and Tom against Solomon, Liz and Ressler against the Director, and Red and Navabi against time. Then in the final battle, everything exploded, and a perfect set piece chess game unfolded. It was somewhat like Mission Impossible on the TV screen, except for the much older mastermind and the lack of nerve breaking stunts.

The Blacklist
Photo from the episode “The Director, Conclusion”

What I wonder now is, what’s next? With the Director gone, and Liz’s name cleared, what direction will the series go? The season is only half way through, and it will not be wise if they just simply introduce another character to replace the Director, to revenge against the damage caused by Red to the organization. The producer will need something more than that, more interesting, more creative and more novel to keep the series flying. And it seems like they have found one.

The Blacklist
Photo from the episode “Mr. Gregory Devry”

The next episode will introduce a new blacklister, one that seems to be opening a new can of worms. Who is he to have the intel of all the blacklisters in the previous seasons, and who is he to claim that HE WAS THE REAL REDDINGTON, and the one we have grown fond of is actually an impostor. That’s amazing, intriguing and interesting at the same time. I can’t wait to see where that leads to. It will be lots of fun to watch 2 Raymond Reddingtons fighting against each other.



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