Logan – A tired Wolverine

Tired. That was the overwhelming feeling I had after watching 2.5 hours of that movie on the big screen. And tired, too, were the characters, especially Logan a.k.a. Wolverine. He was far from the prime Wolverine that we came to know and love many years ago. Gone are the days of the endless power, instant… Continue reading Logan – A tired Wolverine


Conversation in the A&E room

The nurse walked out of the A&E room. Everyone looked up, anxiously waiting. She called out a name. No response. She called again. Still no response. Then the admin staff answered: “No family member”. “No family member”. The nurse mumbled, walking back in. I did not know what that patient would feel, but if I… Continue reading Conversation in the A&E room

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Eat to Live or Live To Eat

Overheard 2 guys talking in the train last night on the way home “You should eat in order to survive…” Suddenly thinking. Should we eat our meals every day just to survive, to get in enough nutritions into our bodies for a proper functioning of the organs? Or should we enjoy our food and get… Continue reading Eat to Live or Live To Eat

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Bread Street Singapore – Nice, comfortable meal

(All credits of the photos in this post go to the original owners. We did not take any photo since we were focusing too much on enjoying the food :P) Since it was Valentine’s Day, and we have not gone out alone (without the kids) for quite a while, I decided to go upscale a… Continue reading Bread Street Singapore – Nice, comfortable meal


La La Land – A Beautiful movie with a bittersweet ending

According to many critics and reviews, this is one of the best movies of the year, and a strong contender for the coming award season, so it was an obvious choice once we managed to squeeze a little bit of free time out of our busy routines to go and catch a movie. However, I… Continue reading La La Land – A Beautiful movie with a bittersweet ending


Visit to Venice Islands – Further Ashore

Another visit to the islands of Venice. This time I went further ashore, purchasing a day pass that would allow me unlimited rides within 24 hours. That proved to be a smart move, since there were many stops and boat changes during the day. My first stop was Burano, the furthest island from Venice mainland.… Continue reading Visit to Venice Islands – Further Ashore


Venice At Night

Second time I visited Venice after dark. It was much less crowded, quieter and more peaceful, since the hordes of tourists have long left the square for dinner or to call it a day. I could spend some quality time to enjoy the square, the church, the buildings without being afraid of bumping into someone… Continue reading Venice At Night